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lördag 1 januari 2022

Sherlock Holmes


Tanken är att jag ska läsa - eller snarare lyssna på - en Sherlock Holmes varje månad under 2022. Jag kommer att lista titlarna nedan vartefter. 

  The Red-Headed League
  The Empty House
  A Case of Identity
  The Engineer's Thumb
  The Boscombe Valley Mystery
  The Blue Carbuncle
  The Noble Bachelor
  The Copper Beeches
  The Cardboard Box
  The Yellow Face
  The Gloria-Scott
  The Musgrave Ritual
  The Reigate Squires
The Crooked Man
  The Resident Patient
  The Final Problem
  The Norwood Builder
  The Solitary Cyclist
  The Priory School
  Black Peter
  Charles Augustus Milverton
  The Three Students
  The Golden Pince-Nez
  The Missing Three-Quarter
  The Abbey Grange
  The Second Stain
  Wisteria Lodge
  The Red Circle
  Lady Frances
  The Devil's Foot
  His Last Bow
  The Mazarine Stone
  The Problem of Thor Bridge
  The Creeping Man
  The Sussex Vampire
  The Three Garridebs
  The Illustrious Client
  The Three Gables
  The Blanched Soldier

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